The Funky Team

Funky Iceland is the new Reykjavík walking tours company in town. But we are not new to Reykjavík and we are passionate about introducing you to her. We are a funky bunch of people with a positive aptitude for life and an ability to see the funny and ironic in everything. We have fresh new ideas and are (almost literally) in love with what we do. So much so that we created the ideal formula for the best walking tour in Reykjavík: one containing the perfect mix of historical depth to make you knowledgeable, compelling facts to make you think again and entertaining personal anecdotes.

Our mission is to have you return home with a smile on your face and a story to share.

You can ask us anything. We are delighted to share our knowledge about nature, history, equality, architecture, politics or just simply Icelandic everyday life.

Lalli - Master Guide

Funky Iceland founder and a certified tourist guide. He once won the title ‘The Funniest Icelander’ and has a great talent for story-telling. A well of knowledge of all sorts, free spirit and history buff with an unquenchable thirst for information.

Óli - Big Boss

Funky Iceland founder and CEO. A silent and subtle leader with big ideas. Pays the bills on time and creates Excel sheets for every part of his life. He is the man behind the scenes and runs the house like a cute little dictator.

Lella - Mama Bear

Not a founder, but married to the mob. Mother of four who will zip your jacket up and lend you a scarf if she thinks you’re too cold. Knows a thing or two about Reykjavík and loves to talk, and tell stories… and talk… a lot. Little but loveable.