The Funky Reykjavik Food and Beer Walk

They say that sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other and the best way to get to know your destination is through local traditional food. That is why we want to invite you to walk with us and let us introduce you to Iceland's history, traditional food and local beer. On this 3-hour tour we will make at least 5 foodie stops, savour 9 traditional Icelandic dishes and taste 5 locally brewed craft beers. It doesn't get better than this!

Food lovers unite and kill three birds with one stone: Join us on a guided Reykjavik walking tour, taste some of the most traditional Icelandic foods, and taste some of the funkiest Icelandic craft beers.

Among the funky delicacies you will get to try are the fermented shark, the dried fish, the heart-warming lamb soup, the famous hot dog and more. You will learn about what kind of foods the Vikings ate, how they were able to survive in the harshest of conditions and how Icelanders have preserved foods through the ages.

Be sure to bring an empty belly and big thirst for knowledge!

This is a small group experience, with no more than 8 people per tour, because we want you to be able to shoot at us any and all questions you might possibly have and make new friends.

The Funky Food and Beer Walk is available for private groups upon request. Drop us a line at    


Meeting point: In front of Hallgrímskirkja Church. Please be there no later than 10 minutes before your departure time.

Prices & availability: See booking window. Teenagers 12-15 years old: 50% Discount. Toddlers 0-11 years old: FREE.

Min: 2

Max: Small groups with the maximum number of 8 participants

Age limit: No age limit but children under 6 years old might find this tour a little long to walk so make arrangements (stroller etc), or be prepared to carry them for part of the way.

Bring with you: Dress according to weather. In Iceland, it is always wise to dress in warm, waterproof clothes. Weather changes can be sudden so expect the unexpected. Bring a waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves. Good outdoor shoes are recommended.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours.

Total length of tour: 2 km

  • Expertly guided Reykjavík walking tour
  • Guidance by a local knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • At least 9 local foods
  • At least 5 local beers